Law Enforcement Training Scholarship04/02/209904/02/2099

Eligibility: GOCCP is making funding available to local law enforcement personnel, including crime lab staff, for training. An agency's Total Fiscal Year LETS requests cannot exceed $5,000. Preference will be given to agencies that have not received LETS funding within the last six months. Future applications will continue to be accepted and processed on an on-going basis, subject to funding availability.

Deadline: Continuous

Protecting Against Hate Crimes Grant - FY 202005/01/202005/01/2020

Eligibility: Non-profit entities with appropriate tax status and with facilities and membership that can be targeted for a hate crime are eligible to request funding for security enhancements.

Deadline: Electronic applications are due by May 1, 2020 (this is an open ended GFD/Funding Source)